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Our Values

A Values Based Education is when a school deliberately and systematically supports its curriculum with a set of universal positive values. The values are woven into the curriculum in order to give a variety of opportunities for them to be thought about and used in the life of the school, community and wider community.

A school driven by values weaves positive values into all aspects of itself; it develops good relationships and promotes positive human values, thus developing the whole child.

The pioneer of values education is Dr Neil Hawkes; brief information about him can be found below but you can find out more about him and values education on the Values Based Education website at

Neil has had an extremely successful career as a teacher, head teacher, chief education adviser and Local Education Authority officer and he now works as an international education consultant. Neil spent seven years as head teacher of West Kidlington Primary and Nursery School in Oxford and it was here that the school community worked together to devise and implement a unique system of Values Education. In 1996, Neil worked with a group of international educators at UNICEF HQ in New York to found the education programme “Living Values”. This charity works with organisations, such as UNESCO, to underpin education systems throughout the world with Values Education. Neil is well known as an inspirational speaker and is the author of titles such as, “How to Inspire and Develop Values in Your Classroom” and “From My Heart”.

From September there will be stronger continuity for the Fenland Federation as new staffing structures are introduced; alongside this the partnership between North Cotes and Fulstow Primary will continue to develop, improving the provision for all pupils.

Looking to the future now seems the perfect time to re-launch our values; with this in mind on Monday 4th September 2017 all schools will be joining together to attend a values event lead by Dr Neil Hawkes. Following this event we will re-launch our values, so please visit our site again for further information