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Dear Parent, Carer and Visitor,

The Fenland Federation is made up of three rural primary schools, Grainthorpe, Marshchapel and North Cotes Church of England, located in small villages near the Lincolnshire coast. Our aim is to sustain our schools within the local community. 

In  this world where our schools face the challenges of an ever changing national and local education agenda, the high calibre teaching staff are committed to giving the best all round education for our children.

Our vision is that every local child should have the opportunity to attend their village primary school and once there every effort should be made for each child to 'spread their wings and aim high'

We pride ourselves on the extra curricular activities that we offer across the three sites though we are always seeking to widen our extended provision to suit the busy working lives of our parents.

Little Sheepmarsh Nursery, located in the centre of our Federation, offers an excellent teacher led learning environment for our early years children many of whom live in our communities.

We have Church of England provision within our Federation at the North Cotes site, a school which also welcomes children from the New Tribe Mission, a school for students from other countries.

Individuals who have volunteered to serve our single governing body have an extensive range of skills which are used to support staff and children.

Marilyn Bell

Chair of Governors

Fenland Federation