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Welcome to Class 1

General lnformation

Adults who help us:

In Class 1, Mrs Fenwick is the class teacher and Mrs Volley is there every day to help the children to learn.



Our P.E. day is Friday, so can you please remember to bring in your child's P.E. kit every Friday. If it is not wet P.E. will take place on the school field or playground.  Therefore, on colder days it would be advisable to put long trousers and a jumper/cardigan in your child's P.E. bag.  Earrings will need to be removed (unless newly pierced; these can be covered with plasters) and girls will need to have long hair tied back to avoid any possible injuries/accidents. 



In Class 1 we like to hear the children read on a regular basis. We will ask the children questions about the book, and listen to the strategies they are using to help them, we then sign the home reading record (and sometimes change the book), making a comment. If you listen to your child read at home, please comment and sign the home reading record, this will be logged at school. After reading at home 25 times (and a signature as evidence has been logged), your child will receive a certificate.



A homework sheet will be sent home half termly. On this sheet you will find 6 activities. For each half term your child can choose 5/6 activities to complete. These should be handed to your child’s class teacher by the hand in date which can be found on the homework sheet. Homework should be an extension of the learning, it is an opportunity for you to spend enjoyable time with your child whilst engaging in the topics they are working on at school.