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Dangerous Dinosaurs

This term the children have enjoyed learning all about dinosaurs. To start the topic off the children all wrote down one question they wanted answering about dinosaurs. This was then worked into the planning and children were given the opportunity to answer their questions as we moved through our learning.  Children have explored, when dinosaurs lived, what types of dinosaurs they were and we watched our own dinosaurs hatch.

Dinosaur Home corner

The children have enjoyed exploring how dinosaurs lived. They have created nests for the dinosaurs and explored the different types of dinosaurs. The children have written observations of what dinosaurs would have done.


Children have been exploring the world of archaeology and their roles. The children have enjoyed digging up dinosaur bones and using tools to help carefully remove the bones. The children have documented their finds and made predications to what they think their dinosaur may be.


The dinosaurs have brought much debate and excitement into the classrooms. The children were very eager to find out what dinosaur was in their egg. Each day the children documented the changes of the egg in detail and made predictions. The children were very excited when they saw the first crack in their eggs.   

Topic Web

This Dinosaur Topic web shows the areas of learning the children will be covering this term. They will be involved in lots of fun and interesting learning, expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Some of the planned learning is based around the children’s interests.

File icon: docx Dinosaurs topic web 1 [docx 106KB] Click to download