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Over the next 6 weeks those of us in Class 1 will be following a unit of work on a theme that focuses on pirates. The unit is called Treasure Island.

This unit of work is part of the International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum sets out very clearly what children will learn – the learning goals – in three different areas:

1. The subjects of the curriculumThe learning goals for each of these subjects are at least as challenging as anything taught in the curriculum in your childs own country. In many cases, the learning goals are more challenging.

2. Personal development The characteristics which will help children become more responsible, independent learners.

3. International understanding – This will help children develop both a sense of the independence of their own country and culture and the interdependence between countries and cultures.

Each unit of work is based around specific targets derived from the learning goals for one or more of the subjects.

Pirate small world

The children have enjoyed using pirate terminology and discovering the role of a pirate. They have created treasure maps for the small world area to help their fellow pirates find the gold treasure chest.

Descriptive Writing

This term the children have been using descriptive language in their writing. The children have learnt about, adjectives and extended noun phrases. They have learnt how to implement these within their writing and daily language.  

Easter cakes

To celebrate Easter the children wrote their own instructions to help make Easter nests. The children enjoyed sharing their instructions with the class and putting them into practice. However they most of all enjoyed eating the cakes.

Mighty Zulu's

This term we had a very special treat. The Mighty Zulus came and carried out an African dance and singing workshop. The Children enjoyed learning all about other cultures celebrations and rituals.