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Week commencing 14th May 2018



Monday-       Spelling,Punctuation and Grammar

Tuesday        Reading

Wednesday   Maths- Paper 1 (arithmetic) and Paper 2 (reasoning)

Thursday      Maths- Paper 3 (reasoning)


Breakfast treat

Monday – Thursday from 8.15am

If possible, please bring your Year 6 child straight to Grainthorpe on these mornings.


This term we have a new interactive reading corner called SIZZLING SUMMER READS and this coincides with our new topic which is modern fiction.

Our new focus book for guided reading is a book written by Louis Sachar called Holes. Holes is a book based around a teenage boy called Stanley, who unfairly gets sent to a juvenile detention centre. As part of his rehabiliation , he is forced to dig holes in the desert. Are the holes he is digging really to reform his character? Or is there another motive?

During our guiding reading work there will be 4 key focus skills. These are inference, recording and retrieval, summarising and prediction. 




Last term we introduced some new ideas to promote enjoyment of reading. From the amazing, animated and informative conversations we have had (and the increased enthusiasm for book related learning) they have worked and will continue this term as follows:


*Extreme reading ( on a rollercoaster and on a horse are examples so far  – supported by a photograph.


*developing Reading as a SUPERPOWER. Some children have achieved certificates for reading and securing 25 adult signatures and hopefully this term, every pupil will secure at least 1 certificate.


*our Reading Challenge to read 1 book from each of 10 different text types.

   No-one has met it yet but lots of children are determinedly reading away. This     is supported through a homework menu of related, tasks which has     resulted in some real creativity and impressive work.


*an interactive Reading Corner,


*class visits to the library van and a large selection a borrow books to support our topic work.


Every child will also have a couple of text of differing types allocated on Bug Club ( the on line scheme we subscribe to),which are set at the correct level of challenge. From the teacher generated reports most children are taking greater care to answer accurately first time and your continued support with this would be appreciated.

Reading Corner

Our New Sizzling Summer Reads reading corner!


2 children enjoying their extreme reading on a rollercoaster!


Another child and her horse reading their favourite book

Reading Corner

Children sat enjoying the reading corner!

Reading Display

The reading display whichs helps the children during lessons and offers them challenges and next steps to further their learning in reading.

Reader Challenge Categories 

Here are all 10 reader challenge catergories and some information about what they all are and what each book in that catergory would include.

Reader Challenge

Some more information about the reader challenge and what to think about whilst reading a book. Also it includes information about our extreme reader challenge!

Class Maths Target

Our agreed class aim was for most children to have instant recall of all multiplication and division facts for all times tables to 12, by February half term 2018.


We are delighted to say we are well on our way with our target as most of the children know all of there multiplication and division facts up to 12 times tables and with the remaining children, they are only a few timestables away from completing the agreed aim!!!


Over the Last few terms, all children worked hard practising target tables and lots of progress has been made. We now need to consolidate speed and use of inverses then assess for success. Practise at home should be underway and through on line sites Topmarks ( Speed Challenge and Hit the Button games) and Times Tables Rockstars ( where each child has their own targets) success should be quicker  and be fun at the same time.We are focusing on one times table a week and everyone has cracked their 6s, 


At the start of last term lots of children had not secured all of the words on the Statutory Year 3/4 list but the majority now have and all have secured many. This is through a weekly system and determination on the part of the children.


All children are now working on the Y5/6 Statutory List (105 words ) and each week your child should have a focus list of 7 words to learn through strategies taught in class, which you can find in their homework book. There is no set day for testing; assessments are random but regular.


Every child will receive Maths and English homework( targeted to their individual need) on Friday each week, which should be handed in the following Wednesday. Mrs Walmsley is available on request for Homework Club each Monday lunchtime to discuss any difficulties. Homework is to consolidate learning and should not be a source of any anxiety for pupils or parents! Usually homework is marked in class as a group activity so learning can be shared.

Last term, everyone worked so hard to hand in quality work, which was great!